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Our team of doctors and
health care professionals
Experienced and caring

Catherine Thomas-Guy

Family physician since 1996

Family home care, geriatrics, palliative care

Daniel Madani

Family physician since 2001

Adult and child home care

Caroline Rouillard

Registered nurse since 2015

Nursing and medical care, home support

Rachel Péloquin

Respiratory therapist since 2014

Cardiorespiratory system care

Cynthia Vaillancourt

Nurse since 2006

Medical management advisor

Marie-Josée Riverin

Patient services

Appointment coordinator

Léance Hébert

Patient services

Appointment coordinator

"Docteur Thomas-Guy treats her patients directly in their homes or place of work... "
"...Be it a downtown lawyer, a school teacher; I've even treated a police officer in her car... "

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No Membership fee

To better assist our longtime and new patients through these difficult times, no membership fees are required to receive a house call service.